I Support the Second Amendment

The second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. The Amendment states clearly that is a right that SHALL not be infringed upon. To be clear, I do support the 2nd Amendment.

Over the past half century, there has been a debate about the scope of the second amendment. The opponents have attempted to equate the 2nd Amendment merely with guns whereas that’s a gross inaccuracy. That’s why we see the phrase “gun control” as the political antonym for pro-2nd amendment.

One of the best conversations I had about this was from a friend who hunts. He talked about the tradition in his family whereby his father took him hunting just as his paternal grandfather used to take his father as a kid. He was looking forward to taking his children hunting once they got older. He would not want that right taken away from him. The second amendment is about a core RIGHT UNDER THE CONSTITUTION and not about the subject of the right, firearms. This is why I support the 2nd Amendment.

Yomi Faparusi, MD. PhD, J.D., Independent Candidate for Tennessee U.S. Senate

Independent • Traditional • Principled