Proud to be an American—by Choice.

I was born and raised in Nigeria. I do not run away from that fact because my experience there has a great influence on my beliefs. Most importantly, my life experience in Nigeria has taught me that the middle class in America has to be protected at all cost from extinction. The United States must not want to be a third world or developing nation.

America is the greatest nation and rightly so, a super power in the world. However, we are so divided by partisanship such that if care is not taken, the economic recovery from COVID threatens to wipe out the middle class. Why is this a big deal? Well, the key difference between a developed nation like ours and a developing nation like where I was born is whether it has a middle class. When I was born, Nigeria had a middle class; when I left Nigeria, its middle class had been wiped out by decades of bad policies from political bickering.

Economic recovery from COVID and formulating a common sense health care plan are not blue or red issues. These are not issues that require endless bickering leading to no solutions. If elected, I will put Americans in particular Tennesseans over politics. We need to have policies that encourage small businesses to grow as well as aim for affordable, accessible healthcare...with the least amount of government intrusion.

These are part of the reasons I am asking you to support me as your next US Senator to represent the state of Tennessee. If elected, I will assess each issue with an independent mind by being obligated to Tennesseans who I serve and not to a political party.

Yomi Faparusi, MD. PhD, J.D., Independent Candidate for Tennessee U.S. Senate

Independent • Traditional • Principled